SNAP in Tulsa: LaToya Stafford

LaToya Stafford, a Tulsa mother and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipient, describes the huge difference her small SNAP benefit makes in the monthly budget. The benefits make sure her son Robert gets the three healthy meals a day he needs to grow and learn better in school. Without SNAP, she wouldn’t be able to afford fresh fruits and vegetables.

The SNAP in Tulsa videos were produced in cooperation with CAP Tulsa, the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Community Health Connection and Warehouse Market, Inc.

CAP Tulsa is one of Oklahoma’s biggest anti-poverty agencies. Community Health Connection is a community clinic in Kendall-Whittier in N. Tulsa. Warehouse Market, Inc. is a chain of discount grocery stores in Tulsa with a large customer base of SNAP participants.