SNAP in Tulsa: Christian Cox

Christian Cox is the Chief Operating Officer of Warehouse Market Inc., a grocery store chain in Tulsa. He describes the benefits of the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) to his customers. They are working a 40-hour week, and still don’t have enough money to pay for housing and food for their children. SNAP helps them put food on the table. It helps bridge a gap for individuals who are looking for a job, or who have a job that doesn’t pay enough money.

The SNAP in Tulsa videos were produced in cooperation with CAP Tulsa, the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Community Health Connection and Warehouse Market, Inc.

CAP Tulsa is one of Oklahoma’s biggest anti-poverty agencies. Community Health Connection is a community clinic in Kendall-Whittier in N. Tulsa. Warehouse Market, Inc. is a chain of discount grocery stores in Tulsa with a large customer base of SNAP participants.